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🔹 Discover our JENBACHER J616 GS C02 model at Eurogensets! 💪

⚡ This second-hand cogeneration engine has 72,503 operating hours and is in excellent condition to deliver superior performance.

💡 With an electric power capacity of 1684 kWe at 400V AC 50Hz, this model is ideal for businesses that require a large amount of electric power.

🌿 It operates primarily on natural gas, making it more environmentally friendly.

💰 We offer 2 Jenbacher J616 GS C02 units, with a total capacity of 2000 kW, year 1999, and a total operating hours of 67,217h/72,503h.

👨‍💼 At Eurogensets, we offer a specialized advisory service throughout the purchase process, from engine selection to engineering studies to save on shipping costs.

👷‍♂️ The equipment comes with detailed technical documentation and has undergone maintenance and revision at 60,000 hours, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

🤝 Contact us now at +34 611 457 522 – Sergio, and let’s do business together!

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HORAS 25000h

AÑO 2013

ENERGIA ELECTRICA 1860 kWe – 400V AC 50Hz PH 3

PRECIO 130.000,00€


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